Empowering Students, one Alumnus at a time.


Started in 2018, NJGradNet was motivated by a desire to ensure that every aspiring student would be afforded the support he/she needs to achieve his/her post-tertiary goals. Working in tandem with existing school process and auxiliary groups, the team aims to establish a system that creates greater synergy between NJC and its alumni, and leverage its alumni as a valuable resource for the benefit of its students.

Our Mission

The National Junior College Graduates Network hopes to lend a hand in helping our promising young students succeed in their post-JC endeavors. Through this network, we hope to make contacting alumni with the relevant experiences and expertise that much more accessible for current students.

What We hope to Achieve

  • Phase 1: Pre-University

    • Advice on local & overseas university applications

    • Scholarship information and consultation

    • Accessible contact information of relevant alumnus

  • Phase 2: In-University

    • Community resource for contacting respective university/country alumni chapters

    • Information portal for upcoming local and overseas chapter events

  • Phase 3: Post-University

    • Industry access and employment advice

    • Contact information of industry alumni and community