Our core Team

Lionel Oh

An avid believer in public service with an (unhealthy) obsession for anything related to defense, Lionel can sometimes get obnoxiously loud about his military identity. He sits on the Tufts IR Students Advisory Board, and is an editor for the Harvard Kennedy School’s Singapore Policy Journal. In his free time, he looks for good food haunts and tries his best to ignore his friends when they tease him about ORD-ing at age 50.


Bryan Goh

An advocate for good urban design, Bryan is truly fond of public spaces, and can often be caught people-watching. He is an avid collector of rocks and strongly believes that the urban and countryside can coexist, often keeping his eyes peeled for real-life examples. He sits on the executive committee of the Bartlett Urban Planning Society, and is also President of the NJC Alumni’s UK chapter. In his free time, Bryan enjoys experimenting and cooking for his family and friends.

Nicole Christie Tan

A Biochemist with a keen interest in philosophy, Nicole enjoys discussions that question what it means to be human. As a military officer, she strongly believes in the importance of defending Singapore and her people. Nicole believes in having a work-life balance and may be found traveling miles for coffee and a delicious bake.

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Asraf Angullia.JPG

Asraf Angullia

Asraf is a teacher of GP and ELL at NJC. He is also currently responsible for the college’s Partnerships, and Education and Career Guidance portfolio. He enjoys riveting films, a good meal, and the company of his brood of pets. Not all at once, though.